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The Most Beautiful Landmarks to Visit in South Africa

Impressive beaches, breathtaking wildlife and endless sights, South Africa is a dream destination on holiday. Here are the top landmarks to visit on your trip to South Africa:

Table Mountain
Table Mountain is one of the most visited natural sights in South Africa. You can reach the impressive peaks by cable car, where you can enjoy the panoramic views of Cape Town. There is a beautiful botanical garden on the left side of the mountain, with flowering plants from all over the world.

Cango Caves
The fascinating underground world of South Africa. The Cango Caves are more than 20 million years old, usually inhabiting rocks. They were amazingly incredible with the amazing rock formations, low passageways and tunnels passing through. Important places for those who are windy. Visitors to South Africa should not miss the chance to explore Cango Caves.

Rob Ben
Robben Island has a sad and poignant history. To find people interested in finding out about the history of the apartheid movement and now becoming a symbol of human resilience and flexibility. Blacks were opposed to their policies on Robben Island during the apartheid, which was used as a political prison, although not as beautiful as other places, but as a symbolic landmark.

Blyde River Canyon
The impressive natural wonders of the Blyde River Canyon are the nature reserves that provide the most famous views of South Africa. The famous red sandstone window is one of South Africa’s most prominent geological features, making it a popular tourist spot and one of the three largest valleys in the world at the Blyde River Canyon. There are amazing wildlife with the chance to meet the hippopotamuses and crocodiles who reside there.

These are just some of the best places South Africa has to offer. There are so many natural resources, amazing wildlife and ecosystems to explore in South Africa as a holiday. You will find a memorable adventure!

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