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Visiting Bruges

Bruges always ranks high on the list of top places to see in Belgium and Europe, making it more than some must visit for us. Also, since this is our first time in Belgium, we want to travel around and see places other than Brussels. And that is what we do.

Bruges Historical Center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which represents impressive architecture in a beautiful and pedestrian environment. Plus, the beer is delicious!

We stayed in Bruges a little bit throughout the day, spending one night in a B & B outside of the historic center. As part of our journey through Central Europe, we used to rent a car there.

When in the wall, we head to the historical part. Along the way, it looks like everyone is going to have a football match, a cycling team and a local shirt.

Our first two are St. Salvator’s Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady, which are located near one of the most popular tour booths. Eventually we decided to return to this area in the latter stages to go on a boat tour and explore the southern part of town.We walked along the direction of Markt – the central square of Bruges. On our way we stopped at the main canal to take a photo. A bell tower called Belfort can be seen from afar.

Next to Markt we pass the Burg square. This is an impressive Gothic pavilion from the 14th century when Markt stopped at one of the many local bars for Belgian beers with a view. Bright and sunny spring day also helps.

To get to the top of the bell tower, we had to climb the 366-staircase and take about 30 minutes, but the magnificent views across the city of Bruges made it extremely worthwhile.
A visit to Bruges can not be stopped without a boat. It takes about 30 minutes and slowly crosses the city with instructions in different languages ​​by the guide / captain.

We went south of town. Beguinage is the first religious place, followed by Minnewater Park.

Must do and practice
For us, the highlight is Markt Square, as well as Belfort for beautiful views and boat tours. How does the boat tour feel good from the canal of the city? Still walking around is the best way to see some more interesting things as well as many architectural features. In addition, the condition of the maintenance of the main building is very impressive. Looks like a great conservation effort to the right.

It’s a mandatory stop for beer and chocolate! In terms of proper food, frites moules are traditional Belgian food with shells and fries. Of course we do that!

For more information, visit the official website. If you plan to stay for a long time and visit several places, it is a good idea to get a two-way city pass (48 hours or 72 hours).

This is a visit to our Bruges. What do you think? Have you ever been? Leave a comment

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