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Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang

National Lampang National Lampang or “Elephant Conservation Center”

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ ศูนย์อนุรักษ์ช้างไทย ลำปาง
Received the award for Excellence in Recreational Tourism No. 10 in 2015 and received the Hall of Fame in 2015 from Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).
It is the first life-style learning resource in Asia. There are elephant training schools. Elephant Training School Tourists from all over the world pay attention and attend training as a mahout.

Established to improve the quality of elephant life as a symbol of Thai nationality.
It is a place to raise and practice baby elephants. To obey the command. And expertise in wood. Mother elephant went to work in the forest. When the policy is closed. The elephant is unemployed. Tourism is changing to tourism.
Elephant show elephant show Elephant parade. Demonstration of wood with elephant Elephant Trekking Practice as a mahout Elephant bath
And other learning activities such as elephant return to nature. Training mahouts all over the country. Paper production and bio-fertilizer from elephant dung Elephant and Environmental Conservation Training Elephant parenting program

Watch the elephant show 3 days a day at 10.00 am / 11.00 am / 13.30 am.
It takes about 40 minutes to display.
There are two elephant showers per day at 09.45 am and 13.15 pm.
The highlight of the elephant show is the “Elephant Wood” demonstration, which is widely available in the past but is currently rare. Because of the cancellation of the wood in 1989.
Conservation of the art of making wood with elephants. It is like a wooden elephant teaching school. Demonstration of timber

“Elephant Training” to see the cute baby elephant. Elephant training in childhood. To understand and communicate with humans.

“Elephant painting”, elephant showcase in the art of tourists can buy pictures. Back to the memorial. It is one of the unique images in the world.

“Elephant feeding” is a fun activity. Satisfied, the recipient was satisfied and gave up close to the elephant.
Visit the baby elephant at the “baby nursery” is a baby elephant and mother elephant after birth.
The baby elephants will have to eat milk for up to 3 years, then the baby will be separated to train to obey the command. Throughout this period. It is closely monitored by the veterinarian.

Visit “Elephant Hospital” within the Elephant Conservation Center. Elephant, sick and old people in Thailand free of charge.
And have a vet roaming Free Elephant Treatment All over the country.

“Souvenir shop” income to help Thai elephants.
There are cafes, restaurants, post offices and homestays. To feel natural Learn elephants lifestyle closely with elephants.
Return to the shopping at “Kad Thung Wien” is located at Tungkwian home. Lampang – Chiang Mai, Wiang Tan, Lampang, Lampang. The old market is over 20 years old as a source of food and souvenirs center Lampang.
Food and local products of the villagers. We sell a lot of clay, clay, chili, young chestnut, ceramic, clothing and OTOP products.
The highlight of Kad Taekwian is selling cheap goods. On the main road Parking lot There are many products to buy.
Believe that if you want to deposit from the North. Kad Taek Wien is the only one in one place “Kad Taeng Cart” is the most famous Kad in Lampang.
Lampang Tour Thai Elephant Tour Share experiences Pride On the path of devotees dedicated to protecting Thai elephants together. The elephants stay with the Thai society for a long time.

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