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Bring hearts travel to Taiwan

Almost the last month of the year! Of a trip After working for several months (turn 55)

Pim: Hey! I have a ticket. This is a great place to start your day with all your family and friends.
The next day, she called …
Piang: Book now.
PIm: Oops !! Is working fast I have to agree on the day, I do not know how much money to buy.
Piang: send mail to see
Pim: come on !! Is it worth the money? In my mind, think of it. What will be the speed of a friend?
Piang: Eh? I’m done.
Pim: still puzzled because it still does not pay anything (it’s Piang before paying it all)

This is the beginning of this trip. Hahaha.
We will go to Sun Moon Lake / 日月潭. Nantou / 南投, which is almost never coming. Because of the time to drive. It will be too cold. Because of that, the place. It’s close. Finally, we decided to come to the Leader, so we decided to go! Let’s Go!
First of all, it must have tickets. It will be sold next to the pier, which will detail the time each ship and the port we are going to. We will start at Shuishe Pier and he will dock us two points, Xuanguang Temple and Tha Ita Thao.

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