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Chiang Mai to Bangkok

After we travel to the last day of this trip. Of course, we will not forget to share the experience back from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, if you are ready to travel together.

Travel from Chiang Mai to Bangkok by bus of Sombat Tour.
What we need most in travel It is imperative that our journey be as we want. Whether it is a plane ticket or a car that we use on the trip. We have searched for reliable companies. The only one is the company BusOnlineTicket.com. From the difficult to find car tickets. It turned out to be very easy. There are also tickets, buses, trains and more to see that there are some interesting.
This is a brief summary of this trip.

iii. VIP Class VIP Bus Facilities
iv. eat at the bus stop
v. Finally we reach Bangkok.

Ticket Booking
1. We booked bus tickets from Chiang Mai to Bangkok with Sombat Tour. Super VIP VIP ticket price 569 Baht per person, which in the VIP class is better than ordinary. We chose to book tickets from Bangkok to Chiang Mai from this company’s website. We have booked tickets to Bangkok to Chiang Mai.
Get off at Chiang Mai Bus Station 3.
2. On a day trip We arrive at Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3 or what we call arcade station 3. Then take the ticket at the counter of the tour company.

3. After that we went straight to the bus station to wait for the bus. The bus terminal 3 is very crowded because buses use this new bus terminal. However There are enough seats to accommodate the passengers waiting for the car.
4. Approximately 30 minutes before departure. The buses of Sombat Tour will be parked at the company’s bus stop. Then we went to carry the bag to the driver to keep in the luggage compartment. And the driver will check the ticket and the ticket will be confused with the bag.
5. For the tour bus company. We will take the car from the front door. Next is the driver. When we get in the car. The driver will pick up the ticket and recommend the ticket seat to us.
VIP Class VIP Bus Facilities
6. In the VIP floor, this will be 2 + 2 seats. Each seat will have a blanket and neck pillow. In the ordinary floor is not available, and in this floor is the seat is a massage chair. If we have to travel far this way. It’s really awesome.
7. The bathroom is on the back of the bus. Compared to ordinary class. The bathroom of the VIP floor is much better. If you go to the bathroom to walk down to the bottom of the bus.
* You may use the toilet of this bus. If you do not want to go to the bathroom at the bus station. The bathroom is quite clean. Tissue service
8. And one more thing that impresses me in this VIP class is Each seat has a TV screen. Thai and foreign films. You can also play games such as card games, Angry Birds and many other games. There is also a USB port for phone calls. A little bit of forgetting to carry a headset. But when we try to ask employees. He will number our seat. Then let us borrow the headphones again.

Dinner at the parking spot
9. After about 6 and half hours, we will be staying for about 20-30 minutes. This is a great service.
Because in this VIP class. We can choose to eat anything. If not, we can go to fill again. And the company’s receptionist will provide us with cold water. It’s not like I’m normal. We have to go to drinking water.
10. Back to the car. We will get a piece of cold cloth. And the reception staff will serve you hot green tea. This is a VIP service.
When traveling to Bangkok
11. Another 4 hours we will travel to Bangkok. Overall, this trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok takes 11 hours, concluded that the VIP class of the treasure company. This is a good service and it is quick because it is not parked at the park. There are a lot of facilities, such as chairs, massage chairs. Watch the movie to relax the game.
Just add 80 baht to get a VIP seat. It is worth it.

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