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Community Route Wade Trad rains 2 Days 1 Night

Trat Rain Festival Not the sea.

If you talk about Trat, of course, everyone will have to think of islands and beautiful sea. First But this monsoon is not suitable for the sea. This trip we will take to change the atmosphere. View Forum Posts


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From Bangkok – Trat. Travel time is 5 hours. At first we will visit each other is home to Tha Rang, the only beach in Thailand. I’m not sure what to say. He told us to arrive before 10 o’clock because we had to take a longtail boat. If the water is slow, the boat can not enter. 600 baht for charter boat with 4-5 persons

Take a boat to see the mangrove forest. We came to the ancient land of wild elephants in Thailand. Mangrove forest is very rich. By the care of the villagers.

The snake is a plant that lives on the sea or mangrove forest. It has roots in all directions and is home to marine ecosystems. This is the only place where the most crowded. This is a forest of Unseen Thailand.

The fun is here. Bowling ball Travelers have tried the accuracy and strength of their arms.

Take time to visit the primitive forest together. First of all, let’s take a cool picture. I have a lot of old age as a souvenir. He said that this is the first one to have a picture with the root of the broadest spread the most beautiful.

Baan Tha Rani
Coordinates: Nong Khantoke, Trat, Trat.
Contact number: 081 161 6694 (Mr. Saichol Sutrat)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bantharanae/

Go to the shop at the diaspora. Who’s to visit Trat must visit. Fish pond restaurant Here are the highlights. Red Hawk The show will fly around the food at noon of every day.

Home-style restaurant A wooden house is shaded into a pond. There are both wild and seafood dishes, eat in the midst of nature and over a hundred organic flocks.

Drive a little more, we arrived. Ban Nam Water Park I have to contact with the leader of the group before the water. To provide the community with food and accommodation. That’s a good question. It is very popular with foreign tourists. I went to France to promote booths. There are many foreigners come along!
Community Route Wade Trad rains 2 Days 1 Night
After that, my brother will take us across the bridge to measure the mind to the activity hall called the bridge because the temple is a very steep enough.

The first activity of this day is. Leaf processing Have you ever been taught step by step? Moderate path For people not skilled at our 555+.

The menu is famous for eating at home is the only rapids. Cracker The plate is poured on some white cloth like crackers. Then bring to dry and fry until it becomes a cracker.

How to eat is a sweet sisal cooked. Put on a cracker over the plate. Then sprinkle with coconut and coriander. The taste is sweet and salty with the aroma of coconut. Crunchy chew

And another equally cool menu. Stir Fried Noodle Soup Stir fried noodles with curry paste. This sweet and sour taste is very delicious.

Water House A small community On the seashore The community is rich with sea creatures, shrimp, shellfish and crabs that villagers can catch and nourish their lives.

After we sat down, we went to work at the snail shell by taking a boat out to sea. The wind is quite strong, so high that it can not go down the cliff.

You have to let your uncle down to shells alone. It is not easy when the claw is disturbed, it shrinks quickly into the sand.

Here is the shell of the sea animals are ancient. Live in the sand Take root with the characteristic. Long tail tails Flew into the sand

I have a claw. We went back to the village to cook seasoning for the goddess. I have to go to the meat. The taste is like a mussel.

The highlight of the water house is the temple bridge where the sun is setting. The water is shining bridges reflecting on the water surface to be seen as the eye is called. The water is home.

Who would like to visit the water house full of fun. Package 2 Days 1 Night 990 Baht / person inclusive of all inclusive (3 delicious meals, small boat cruise, fishermen, mangrove, leafy, snails , Bike ride to orchard, firefly, good night sleep, homestay).

Water House
Coordinates: Tambon Nam Kao, Tambon Laem Ngob, Trat.
Contact number: 084-892-5374 Suratanapan Manok (little brother)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaanNamCheio/

In the evening we went to eat delicious. The price is comfortable. Market Place Long live the Trat. The atmosphere is vibrant, both for food and for people.

I heard that at Trat. There is a local dessert named Bandung that is difficult today. I want to taste it once in a lifetime. I went to walk with a Thai dessert shop with a variety of Thai desserts.

And then we found what to look for here! Trinidad and Tobago Made from rice flour stirred in a set of 10 Baht per set.

Bandung is a dessert with dense flour batter, sprinkle with peanuts, coconut milk and coconut milk. The sweet taste is delicious.

Thai Desserts
Coordinates: Soi Soon Rua, Nong Samet, Muang, Trat.
Contact number: 094 235 3242
Facebook: https: //www.facebook

Get a new day with the sea to come to Trat do not miss the menu. Canned Noodle This morning we put on. Sukjai Noodle Shop is located near Trat Municipality Market. The bright orange color is very easy to find.

Freshly baked ingredients from the sea come to the pile of delicious dishes in the first show. Dried crayfish noodles Put the crayon firmly in the bowl.

Followed by fried rice, chili, sea salt Full of meat, crab meat, shrimp crayfish and spicy fish. Add seafood with sauce.

Recommended Menu Recommended shrimp dumplings with sweet peanut sauce. The crispy shrimp taste.

Followed by 3 more recommended crab crayfish with salt, garlic fried, and crayfish sauce Eat with seafood sauce. Delicacy to add rice.

Enjoy the delicious and full of delicious crayfish. Have a chance to visit Trat when. Do not forget to visit. Noodles and crayfish at the restaurant happy to not disappoint!

Canned Noodle Soup
Coordinates: 12-14 Wichit Janya Rd., Bang Pra, Trat
Contact number: 082 457 7471
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sukjaitrat/

Somphop’s garden is famous for its long history of sacrificing Sumalee. The sweet taste of the heart as a person like to eat already. I do not want to buy a house at home.

The park is open to tourists who can walk the park peacefully. At no cost But let’s just do not dismiss the ball from the start! Looks from the planting stage here and very meticulous. Pay attention to the bouquet. By taking it out and eating out every 8 months, the garden is changing pollinators for the customers to eat all year.

I like to eat life. You can visit the subsidized at the park, Somchote is taking fresh sweetness, taking a float to eat throughout the year.

Coordinates: 219 Baan Tai Taeng 6, Tambon Wang Krachaa, Amphur Trat
Contact number: 081 438 2015
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suansompotch.trat/

Back to Bangkok, we stop the trip. By nature walk at the natural tourism center, black sand beach and mangrove forest. Ranked as one of the 5 world’s smallest beaches And only in Thailand. Walk about 500 meters to reach the beach. On the way, you will see mangrove forests, crabs, crabs, mussels, snails and fish.

The original Black Sand Beach was owned by a Muslim and was once the site of a mosque. Later moved to become abandoned land. I have a community of grandmothers to sit and heal palsy. So that black sand can cure the disease. Time to dive into the black sand. Most villagers said that they would recover from the pain in their limbs.

Black Sand Beach
Coordinates: Ban Klang, Laem Ngop, Laem Ngop, Trat
Opening Hours: Open at 8.30-16.30 hrs.
Phone numbers: 039-510-841, 039-510-962, 080-574-5544

I have to change the atmosphere of the rainy season. Touch the community Not the sea. In addition to learning the simple way of life of the community. Also, try something new to try to eat only area …

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