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Village – Way of Life – Smile

Our trip is a “Road Trip” because along the way you will find many beautiful tourist attractions and friendship. We do not look just at the destination we are traveling to. Throughout the journey, there are many attractions and communities in the area. And indispensable is the local food that invites us to turn around.

In the late winter rain of this year. We would like to find a relaxing place and a simple life. We chose the province in the upper central region not far from Bangkok. The weather is quite cool. Bring fresh ozone and live in the same way. Sukhothai is a province full of history and a village full of traditional life filled with the smile of the friendly people. We call this village to go. “Village of smiles” because of the exposure to the atmosphere there. The warmth and smile of the people there. Happiness in Sufficient Life Simple Ban Na Ton Chan also has activities to watch the village home. There are plenty of activities for visitors. Cycling, cycling, watching the way to weave, watch how to make the barn mud, watch the mud, watch the sunset, watch and taste the seasonal fruit.

Our first step is to travel the end of the late winter rain of the year 61. We find the right plan to travel there and make reservations. The house can be booked after we like it and tell the house to get it. One house is for two people or one group at a time. Each group is not included. Baan Na Chun has 26 villas, each with their own unique character. Most of the wooden house within the house is quite cool, please airy. Each house is home to its own home. The owner of the house welcomes visitors with us like his relatives.

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