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Saturday-Sunday holidays

1.Ban Thung Ang Thong Ang Thong


The tourist attraction makes you experience the atmosphere in a way that is sufficient. Have fun with many activities, including mudding and plowing, sowing rice, even rice, to make every grain in the dish valuable. Create a learning experience for making Thai desserts.

2 Rom Bovorn Market

        The market that has simulated the Thai way of life during the reign of King Rama V, the time when His Majesty the King toured the Pradu Canal and came to stay at the waterfront in front of Wat Pradu. (Royal Monastery), Amphawa District, to pay homage to Luang Pu Cha, former abbot Which still appears the traces of the royal boat At the big neem tree on the waterfront in front of the temple

          Within the market, there are both savory and sweet foods that are united Including freshly made Thai desserts, Miang Kham, fresh fruit from the garden, and also good items from the community of Wat Pradu and the community of Wat Phleng And the sellers will dress in Thai clothes to sell products Honestly with friendly customers And also enjoy watching children’s games, performing Thai music, puppets from Phetchaburi (Student teacher Joe Louis) as well as demonstrations of garlands Which we can bring to the monks

3. Wat Sanphet Temple Nakhon Pathom



Another pleasant waterfront market of Nakhon Pathom A home-style atmosphere that allows you to experience simple folk life. Also dazzled by food Which the mother trader sells fur in full Each one seems to be appealing. In addition to having products for sale, we can choose to eat, enjoy, and the Wat Sanphet Floating Market also has 3-dimensional images for tourists to take pictures, enjoy, and many other activities to make the tourists fully enjoy

4 Pong collapse Ratchaburi Province

          Natural attractions with unusual characteristics In an area of ​​about 60 rai, caused by the collapse of the land, causing a cliff-like appearance, similar to the goat of the city of Phrae, Phrae province is a natural phenomenon that is difficult to see. The occurrence of bulging collapse is assumed to be caused by water erosion. Causing the land to collapse and become a steep cliff Which is located in the area of ​​the villagers

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